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FAQs -for every question!

The first 10 FAQs are more than enough for artists to get started.


What is isongU all about?

isongU is designed to replace the Music Industry with a game. Songs that beat the game gain Mass Acclaim.

Mass Acclaim / Mass Listenership is equivalent to Stardom.                      A percentage of listens convert into song sales.

The game is based on fairness: Songs are anonymous therefore all are judged as equals.

Mass Acclaim is the place where everybody knows your name (anonymity goes away).


Where do listeners come from?


To climb a level, you must rate 6 songs by other mystery music artists. There are 20 Levels, so that's 6 songs you need to listen to at each level: 120 listens total.

Every other artist must also rate 6 songs at each level.




With 1,000 artists climbing the levels, it means 1000 x 120 = 120,000 listens.


Fans must also climb 20 levels to get paid  - they get paid a cut of artists song sales (when they sign up this artist).

If 1,000 artists each sign up 10 'active' fans, that 10,000 x 120 = 1,200,000  listens



Song Sales (via Song Auction):


Because songs/artists are a mystery, if listeners love a song, some will buy it rather than lose it. We estimate that (at the outset) 4% of listens will convert into song sales.

Why so high? Because top rated songs (that listeners love) gain most of the listens.

With a 4% conversion, 1 million listens would translate to 40,000 song sales.



How many songs should I upload upon signing up?

It is best to upload 2 songs to begin with: Only one song can climb the levels at any one time.


If you upload lots of songs, those songs just sit there in queue until the songs before exit the game (either by entering Mass Exposure as a top rated song or by being rejected).

What are the odds of Stardom?


Based on scores to date, the odds are somewhere between 1 in 100 and 1 in 200. 

The odds are the same for everyone: It's a lot like video game levels - the game has the same rules and obstacles for everyone (and if all players are presumed equal) has the same odds of conquering all levels.


Better songs: Better odds:


Of the 1% of artists that have songs regularly at the top levels, they have about a 1 in 20 chance of success with each song they submit.


Do the Levels resemble Video Game levels?


So, are the Levels like Video Game Levels?


Yes, that's the basic idea.

In the same way that video games require players to have skill and perseverance to climb  levels, so too does our accelerator. And, just as a video game rewards the player that clears all levels with the highest score, our accelerator rewards artists that clear all Levels with Mass Exposure and song sales.

The skill required to climb levels is the ability to create a truly great piece of music. The perseverance is the effort required to climb a level: A level may require you to rate other artist's songs before your song gets rated in return. Or a Level may require you to sign up a new artist or new fans.



The 'Pay it Forward' spin-cycle video is an accurate representation of isongU if we were analog.  But, of course, we are not analog. We are digital with discrete levels (gaming levels).

What average score must a song reach to gain Mass Acclaim?


Currently, songs that have a final average of 85/100 or above are automatically accepted to Mass Rotation/  Mass Acclaim.

isongU administrators do not decide which songs gain Mass Listenership, the crowd impartially decides which songs reach Mass Acclaim.


NOTE:  If you low-ball or mid-rate other Artist's songs, it will not help your song reach the 85/100 threshold. In fact, when you repeatedly low-ball, mid-rate or rapid-rate songs, this behavior is red-flagged and it will hurt your songs odds (and can even lead to your song being ejected).

Who gets paid a $5,000 sales advance?


Only songs exclusive to are eligible for the $5,000 sales advance.  And only the first exclusive song to beat all 20 Levels will gain a $5,000 sales advance. It is not a prize. The advance must be earned back via song sales (for exclusive songs, we pay 80c to $1.00 per song sale).

At 80c per song sold, it will take 6250 song sales to earn out your advance. Once it is earned out, the artist would then earn 80c for every song sale thereafter.


I scored lots of songs but I have not climbed to the next level. Why?


The system sometimes appears to allow you to rate extra songs for no reason.

This happens when there are other requirements for climbing the level that you have not met ...such as Signing up New Artists or New Fans … or you have not received the number of scores required by YOUR song.

Yes, you have to score songs, but you also need your song scored - the number of times your song needs to be scored can differ at different levels.

The Accelerator gives you all the information (criteria) you need to climb each level. This is the only map you need.

With gaming levels, what are the rewards for winning the game?

So the Accelerator Levels are a lot like gaming levels.

With video gaming levels, to master a level, you need skill and perseverance plus every player faces the same challenge: There is no bias.

The same is true of isongU's levels: You need skill (top rated songs) and perseverance to clear each level and all songs & artists are anonymous equals. No bias. Everybody (from the Stars to the starving) face the same challenge.


Work VS Reward:

Also, while there is a little work at each level, we believe the rewards far outweigh the work.


  1. You only put the work in for the first few songs ...after a while, the workload lessens.
  2. Your fans (motivated by dividends) will do all this work for you. You can concentrate on creating great music.

The average song takes 35 seconds to rate and it's rather fun. And it is simple to invite artists and fans - just proliferate your promo invite link on Social Media and via emails. Perhaps you can post your link as a QR code at music shops and music venues.


Now, let's talk about rewards:


Reward (Dividends):

Rewards are gained quickly for early adopters - you stand to gain far more exposure for your music ... plus  you can quickly gain up to 10% of the songs sales of every artist you sign up. Forever. A lifetime dividend.

Play the gaming levels of the Fan Accumulator (artists are also music fans) and you quickly see how to garner greater dividends. The image below of the Fan Accumulator (it accumulates wealth for fans) shows the amount of work required at Level 0, Level 2 and Level 5. The rewards (accumulated wealth) are modest at first but exponentially grow with a) The passing of time and b) As you climb levels).

Ultimately, these average estimated earnings are based on your skill: How many future superstars can you invite to isongU.



Reward (Mass Exposure):

Signing up artists and fans is critical if you want greater exposure for your song:

With 5000 artists at isongU, each with 50 fans, that means 250,000 people listening to songs that make it past all Accelerator Levels.

With 100,000 artists each with 100 fans, we have 10 million people listening to the top rated songs. That is why earnings for both artists and music fans grow exponentially with the passing of time.


Reward (Greater Revenue):

Everyone at isongU is a Music Fan, including Music Artists…and all fans have gaming levels called an Accumulator. By climbing all 20 steps, fans get paid 10% of the song sales by every new artist they sign up using their unique promo hyperlink.

Furthermore, when a Music Artist climbs all 20 gaming levels of this Accumulator, they get paid 60c for every song they sell …versus only 20c if they haven’t climbed any Accumulator levels.

And most important, as artists climb the Accelerator and Accumulator levels, you will accumulate fans, They become your worker bees, endlessly driving your songs up the Accelerator gaming levels and towards Mass Exposure. Your fans  do all the work for you, their artist.

The ultimate goal is to have an active fan base that, hyper-motivated by dividends, does all your work, allowing you to concentrate on creating great music.


Can fans choose music from a specific genre?

When you upload a song, you choose the type of audience from 3 categories: 1) Easy Listening 2) Mid-Tempo 3) Loud-Hardcore.

Fans can likewise choose what type of music they'd like to hear from these 3 same categories. To do so, they go to their My Accounts page and click on the category/ categories of their choice.

For instance, if a fan chooses only the  'Loud/ Hardcore' category, we will select songs from the 'Loud / Hardcore' category and deliver these to this fan.

However, if the demand for 'Loud/ Hardcore' is so great that other categories are devoid of fans, we may infrequently have to deliver some songs outside the fans chosen category.

Do we pay Mechanical Royalties for random plays of anonymous songs?


When 2 minute anonymous song clips are played, no mechanical royalties are paid to you, the owner of the song.

This is because the listener has not chosen to play this specific song, rather we have forced them to play a random, mystery song as payment to climb towards Mass Acclaim (for Artists) or to climb towards greater payments (for Fans). Because the listen is forced and the song is not complete and the song/artist are anonymous, therefore mechanical royalties are not warranted. Moreover, when songs get force listened to, a percentage convert to song sales. This is the goal of getting your song listened to on our website.

What is the basis for song sales at isongU?


We know anonymous songs (that people fall in love with) generate song sales. How? Because we know the Shazam app generates song sales in this way.





When somebody hears an unknown song they really like and they wish to know the song title and who sings it, they can use the Shazam app. With 2 clicks on the Shazam app, a person can identify a song that is playing over the speakers.

It turns out that 10% of the people that fall in love with an anonymous song/artist in this way end up purchasing the song on iTunes. It results in about $300 million songs sales on iTunes each year.

Note: We are using this Shazam phenomenon to project sales at isongU. We are not affiliated, nor do we interface with the Shazam app.


Applying the 10% sales conversion to isongU:


How does this compare to the isongU music accelerator? Well, if 100,000 songs enter our accelerator over a 3 month period, the accelerator generates 300 million reviews for the rare music gems (sample song clips that make it through the accelerator by achieving an average rating of 85/100 or higher).

Therefore, these rare music gems get listened to 300 million times and the vast majority of listeners love the songs, same as with Shazam. If (like Shazam) we assume a 10% conversion, this would result in 30 million song sales (over $30 million in song sales).


Scoring the selling power of Shazam:


Shazam users are voluntarily using the app to identify songs/ artists they love in a natural way. Score: 10/10 

But why on earth would Shazam users go to iTunes when they could listen for free on YouTube etc.? Score: 1/10

Cumulative Total: 11/20


Scoring the selling power of isongU:


While music that receives a rating of 85/100 or higher after millions of impartial ratings likely has selling power, isongU is a more forced listening experience.  Moreover, the 'Buy the song or else lose the song' scenario may excite many but it is likely annoy freemium loving fans. Score: 5/10

Unlike Shazam, with songs and artists being anonymous, the obscure music is not easy to find for free elsewhere. Listeners that really love a song clip (that's about play out) have little choice but to buy (and support the artist) or else lose the song.  Score: 8/10

Cumulative Score: 13/20

What criteria should I use to rate a song?


There are no criteria - just vote how much you like the song.

Does it grab you ...or does it not?

And be honest: Score songs the way you'd want your song scored.

How many song sales can individual artists expect?

For individual artists that beat all 20 levels, the estimated payments (as displayed on the Accelerator) are based upon the 2 years after our launch ( April 2017 to April 2019).

If an individual artists beats all 20 levels right after launch, then these are the estimated sales that this individual artist earns over the following 2 years.

Note: Beyond the first 2 years, with the built in virility of our Accelerator, we anticipate the exponential growth of artists, fans, exposure and, yes, an exponential increase in sales.

Estimated song sales in the first 2 years:


For an individual artist that reaches Mass Acclaim, our accelerator is designed to deliver 24 months of exposure during which time we project that they will receive 1,000,000 reviews (listens) generating an estimated 80,000 song sales.

With artists expected to earn 50c per song sale on average, the projected 75,000 song sales equates to approximately $40,000.


Note: Early adopters will gain time in exposure much faster than later adopters.


Promoters, Artist managers or Labels should always log in as Fans. True?



Only Music Artists should log in as artists.

Music Promoters, Artist managers, Labels or anybody legally representing music artists, should log in as fans and promote their artist from their fan account.

Music Promoters, Artist managers, Labels or anybody legally representing music artists should never, ever create a false artist account and upload a slew of songs from a number of different artists to this false account.

If we detect this activity, these accounts will be deleted.


Artists should manage their own accounts:

Bottom line, artists should always manage their own accounts - it really is not that hard. Once you accumulate 40 or 50 fans, they will pretty much manage & propel your account for you, so there really is no need a 3rd party to manage your account.

Artists should always manage their own accounts. Yes?


Yes, absolutely.

Managing an artist account is only work for the first month or two - after that, your fans will propel your songs up the levels and they will generate dividend payments for you also.

All the artist need do is concentrate on creating great music and taking a minute to upload their songs.


Having promoters, manager or labels manage your accounts is an absolute quagmire. They may have multiple artists on one account will all song sale payments and all dividends going to their PayPal email.

There is no need to enter this non-transparent, nightmare maze - there is just not that much work involved.


How do early adopters benefit?
  1. Rate your own songs

Early adopters can rate their song (as can their fans). If you or your fans happen upon your song per chance, you can rate it 100.  The more songs you rate, the more likely you will end up rating your own song.

We are aware that this benefit adds a hint of partiality - we allow it for now because it encourages more song plays.  Artists can get their fans which song of theirs is climbing so that fans recognize it when they hear it.

After a few months, we will likely disallow the artist - the artist will not be able to rate their own song, but their fans may still do so.

2.  Unlimited listens while songs are climbing

For early adopters, there is no strict limit to the number of listens their songs can receive at any gaming level. However, if your song is inactive (not climbing) for over 30 days, it will be ejected from the levels.

3.  More time in the Limelight

Also, early adopters will gain more time (and therefore more song spins) in Mass Exposure than later adopters.

How can Artists get paid $1.00 per song sale?

Exclusive Songs:

The first step is to go from 55c per song sale to 80c per song sale - to do this, simply send us songs that are exclusive (short term) to isongU. Remember, songs are only exclusive for the short period of time that they are climbing the levels (or they are in queue to enter the levels).

Once a song exits the levels, the exclusivity is removed and you can place the song on other platforms. To indicate that your song is exclusive, click on 'Your MP3(s) on the main menu and then click on 'MP3(s) Uploaded'. Then click the exclusivity checkbox next to the songs that are exclusive to isongU.

Please be certain that songs are in fact exclusive - we do not check whether songs are in fact exclusive until they qualify for Mass Acclaim - then we do a thorough check to ensure the song is in fact exclusive.

Writing Quality Songs:

Exclusive artists go from 80c to $1.00 per song sale by writing quality songs that qualify for Mass Acclaim.

To get from 80c to $1.00 per sale, your songs (impartially rated) must be good enough to get to Mass Exposure... the first song of yours that enters Mass Exposure, you will get paid 80c per song, 85c for the next, 90c for the next, then 95c ...and finally, you will get paid $1.00 on songs sales when your 5th song enters Mass Exposure.


Mass Exposure                  Compensation per exclusive song

1st                                                        80c

2nd                                                        85c

3rd                                                         90c

4th                                                         95c

5th                                                    $1.00

Are there really No Fees and No Ads?

Yes, no fees, no ads (and also no bias).


No Fees:


By no fees, we mean we don't charge any fees, ever, on the journey through the Accelerator towards Mass Acclaim.  And it doesn't matter how many songs you enter, the platform is always free.

In fact, we depend entirely on song sales, just like the artist ... although the artist can also earn revenues on sales by new artists that they (or their fans) sign up.


No Ads:


We do not like ads associated with music. We think that ads often devalue and perhaps contaminate music. We'd prefer if band and brand were never packaged together.

Exposure and song sales… do they rise exponentially?

If isongU signs up say 50,000 music artists, each with an average team of 80 to 100 reviewers, then Mass Exposure will be around 5 million reviews over 24 months, with estimated songs sales of 200,000 (at just a 4% conversion).

Those kind of sales should draw in other music artists...

If we can get to 500,000 music artists … well, you do the math..


Note: This is why we ask you to sign up artists and fans at each Level on the journey to Mass Exposure. It puts musicians and fans in every greater control of a democratically fair music world... and it exponentially steals power away from Labels and platforms that are not fair and do not fairly compensate artists.

How do artists make money beyond song sales?

Many artists are likely to make far more money from dividends than they can from song sales.

a)    Artists (who are also music fans) get paid up to 10% of song sales by new artists they directly sign up using their promo invite link. This finder’s fee is called a Direct Dividend.

b)    Each artist has a hierarchy of fans, rather like an actual family. When a parent artist invites new fans, these fans are indelibly linked to the parent artist. When those fans invite new fans, these grand-fans are also indelibly linked to the parent artist. (The artist family does not extend to a 3rd generation of fans).

c)    Work completed by fans and grands-fans counts toward the parent artist’s accelerator, but not their accumulator (the artist has an Accumulator because they are also considered a music fan).

d)    When a parent artist’s fans and grand-fans rate songs, these rated songs are applied to the parent artist’s accelerator – the same as if the artist rated these songs themselves.

e)    When a parent artist’s fans and grand-fans sign up new artists and new fans, these signups are applied to the parent artist’s accelerator – the same as if the artist signed up new artists & fans themselves.

f)     The work completed by fans and grandfans drives the parent artist songs up the levels, and each time a level is cleared, the parent artist gets more time in Mass Exposure, more potential song sales etc.

g)    When fans and grandfans sign up new artists, the parent artist gets paid 2% of all song sales by these artists. These are known as indirect Dividends, since the parent artist did not sign these artists up directly.

Bottom line: If an artist brings in 100 fans and each fans brings in 20 grandfans, the artist family numbers 2000. And every artist signed up by these 2000 brings a 2% of these artist songs sales to the parent artist.

That is why Indirect Dividends can easily outstrip both the Song Sales and Direct Dividends of the parent artist:

The image below shows how Artists can systematically build a multitude of fans and :a multitude of dividends.




How and when do we pay artists and fans?


Right now, we pay artists and fans via PayPal. We may pay via direct deposit to bank accounts in the future.

For dividends and song sales, we pay artists and fans at the end of every quarter – (the last week of March, June, September and December).

However, payments are only processed if the artist or fan has a positive balance of $10 or more. If their balance is below $10, they do not lose these earnings, they maintain the balance until it rises above $10 and then the payment is processed at that quarter.

Artists should enter all metadata into their MP3 tags. Yes?
Yes, please, please enter all song data into the MP3 tag.


Metadata is very important to music fans: Not just the Artist name and song title, album etc. Metadata such as when and where the song was written & recorded, the players, the message, the influences, the mood etc. can also be vital to fans. Put it right into the MP3 tag.

The responsibility for providing metadata falls on the artist. And, since we do not have an artist profile page yet,  right now the only medium they have to provide this data is in the MP3 meta tags.

Artists can use an MP3 tag editor such as to provide this vital data.


So, Fans do all the work for artists and also bring in dividends. How do artists build their fan base?


If an artist brings in 100 fans and each fans brings in 20 grandfans, the artist family numbers 2000. And every artist signed up by these 2000 brings a 2% of these artist songs sales to the parent artist.

And if an artist lives in friendless wilderness, they can always amass new artists and fans by targeted marketing using their promo invite links via Facebook Marketing or Google Adwords.

You must use your unique hyperlink to sign up new artists and new fans. Embed them into images - you can use isongU marketing images to embed your link onto.

See here:


Should band members become fans (of their own band)?


Yes, absolutely.

But it is imperative that you use the band’s hyperlink to sign up to ... so that the band benefits to the fullest extent (in terms of Maximum Dividends, Mass Exposure and song sales).

What is the foundation of fairness at isongU?

Reviewers cannot choose a song or an artist or even a genre. They get randomly delivered anonymous song clips, which not only promotes non-bias, it also means the platform is difficult to game/ scam.

Also, since these song clips are anonymous …no song title, no artist name and no images; just the bare-naked music ...reviewers tend to give their gut reaction to a song clip. Does it grab them, or does it not? And that’s about as impartial as it gets.

Anonymity and random delivery are, therefore, the foundations of fairness at - and yes, we build on these foundations to further ensure fairness.

Does isongU accept all genres?

Yes, we accept all genres.

A music artist may loosely define their song as easy listening, mid tempo or hardcore ...and the song will, for the most part, be delivered to an audience that matches this style of music.

We don't break it down by genre because it would complicate the process, plus we want fans to be eclectic in their listening habits.

Over time, as we access peoples taste in music, we may match a greater share of music to a fans specific favorite genres.

Why are there so few gaming levels?

OK, people have complained that 12 gaming levels are too much. Most video games have limitless levels.

The 12 levels are absolutely necessary because -

a)      The multi-levels mean scalability.

b)      The multi-levels act as filters which are needed to distill out great music.



Are 12 levels really too much?


A typical video game has far more than 12 levels.


Also, if you look at a show like ‘The Voice’ or ‘American Idol’ – each episode of those shows acts like a filter since lesser acts are removed during each episode. These talent shows typical have over 40 episodes (which are akin to levels) per season, which is far more than the number of ‘filter’ levels at isongU.

Why did my song jump up several levels even though I was inactive?

Your fans complete reviews and Invite new artists & new fans on your behalf… and in doing so they drive your song up the Levels, earning more time in Mass Exposure for you and your song.

PS: Into the bargain, they also earn Dividends for you when they invite new artists.

How come the Accelerator says I signed up artists and fans when I did not?


When your fans (and grandfans) sign up new artists & fans, these count on your Accelerator.


How do I know how many new artists (& new fans) my fans have signed up?

We do not report this on the Accelerator is just too much information on an already busy screen.

However, you can go the 'Get Paid' or 'My Account' screen and click on 'My fans/Artists'. Here it will list all the new artists and new fans you directly signed up by date and time well as the new artists/new fans that your fans signed up on your behalf.

If my fans sign up 5 artists overnight, will this enable me to climb 5 Accelerator levels?


They never expire ... with 5 artists you will be able to climb 5 Levels (if artists signups are required at these levels).


Right now, we only require a new artists (or else sign up 3 fans) to be signed up at a few upper levels.


A signup that is not required (not used) for one song's climb can be used by the next song. They do not expire.

As always, you will need to rate 6 songs to climb each level. 


On the other hand, when you rate extra songs at one level, these extras do not count at the next level. They only apply to the level you are at if you rate extra, these are over and above what is needed.

Why does the system allow you to rate extra songs for no reason? Well, this happens when there are other requirements for climbing the level that you have not met ...such as Signing up New Artists or New Fans … or you have not received the number of scores required by YOUR song.

Yes, you have to score songs, but you also need your song scored - the number of times your song needs to be scored can differ at different levels.

The Accelerator gives you all the information (criteria) you need to climb each level.

What if I run out of new artists and new fans to sign up?

After 5 songs, you no longer need to sign up new artists or new fans to climb Levels.

If you run out of new artists and new fans to sign up before your 5th song goes through the levels, you can use Social Media and marketing (like Facebook marketing) to bring in new fans and artists,

What if another artist is using my band name?

If you have registered/ trademarked the band name, send an email titled: ‘My registered artist name has been taken” to

Please send up to date copies of your registration/ trademark, the country (or countries) of registration and the date that you first registered/ trademarked the artist name.

Do songs have to be Original and in MP3 format?

Yes, we only support the MP3 format at the outset. We accept a minimum of 192 Kbps, but we recommend 256 Kbps MP3s for relatively fast uploads with fairly small compression loss.

We will support other high definition / lossless formats in the future.

Yes, all songs must be original. We cannot have samples or covers of any kind because we cannot afford licensing fees and we also don't like lawsuits. Even when you have permission to use a previously released song (or a sample thereof), we will not accept the song on our platform. The same goes for traditional music and songs: We do not allow it. The same goes for fair use, parody covers, creative commons music and beats: We do not allow it.

However, if you can mix music so expertly that our algorithms can find which sample you used, we have no choice but to consider this an original piece of music. And it's not just our algorithms that you must fool; many music fans that rate your song may identify the sample that you used... and click on the plagiarism button.

The Bottom Line:

Even if you managed to get a sampled piece of music through our accelerator and it qualified for Mass Exposure - our experts will take that piece of music, deconstruct it and do a deep search for any samples used. If we find that it is simply not original, it will not be allowed into Mass Exposure (Mass Sales). We have no other choice - we cannot afford to pay for licensed music and we believe that any transgression with the use of unlicensed music will lead to lawsuits.



Do Artists have to upload complete songs …or song clips?


When you upload a song, you must upload the complete song and that song must be at least 2 minutes long and not more than 12 minutes long.

So yes, even though only 90 seconds of the song is played when songs are rated, we must have the complete song so that listeners can purchase the complete song.

So please... do NOT upload a 90 second clip of a 3 minute song!!

On another note - you can index into the song up to 30 seconds. There must be a minimum of 90 seconds remaining for the listener to hear.


Can the Artist choose what part of a song fans get to hear?


Not at this time.

In the near future, the artist will be able to choose to index into a song up to 30 seconds into their song so that when fans listen, they will hear a sample of the song further into the song.

We may add further indexing options in the future.


Are Artists only allowed one song in the Accelerator Levels at any one time?


Yes, only one song can enter the Accelerator at any one time.

When you upload multiple songs, they queue up to enter the Accelerator in the order in which they were uploaded. If you wish to change the queue order, you can move song around in the queue.

For instance, if you decide that the last song you uploaded should be next to enter the Accelerator... you can move it to the head of the queue.

How can Artists be anonymous (unknown) and yet reach Stardom?

People are often confused about the need to be anonymous. -because the last thing an Artist wants to be is unknown. How on Earth can an Artist be insanely popular and yet be unknown?

All is revealed in Mass Exposure:


Yes, Artists are primarily anonymous in the Accelerator Levels (where anonymity ensures a level, unbiased playing field).

But once an Artist reaches Mass Acclaim ...mass audiences get to know this Artist's name (and they do so by buying the Artist's song).


Discovery = Song Sales


Yes, the only way for fans to discover an Artist is by purchasing the Artist's  song - and the place where song sales (discovery) occurs exponentially is in Mass Exposure.

Why?  Because songs in Mass Exposure have both the highest ratings and they get a far greater number of listeners.

Fans are not just purchasing a song - they are discovering the artist behind the music:  The artists biography, discography, tour schedule etc.

So, while songs are also anonymous in Mass Exposure, there is a far, far greater conversion to song sales and discovery.

Discovery and song sales are the same thing at isongU - we do not believe in empty 'freemium' exposure. Rather, we believe that great art has value and that great artists deserve to earn a living.



Can Artists choose to remain anonymous in Mass Exposure?


Even when a music artist makes it to Mass Exposure and becomes a ‘star’, they can choose to remain absolutely private if they so wish.

It is the artist’s call.

Artists can operate under pseudo-names, if they so choose -releasing their songs using animated videos and other artwork without ever releasing their true name or image.

What are the channels through which artists can sell songs?

There are 3 channels on isongU through which an artist can sell songs:

Channel 1:   


The Music Accelerator:

Sales inside the 20 Levels as songs journey toward Mass Acclaim: A fan can fall in love with a song clip while rating it in the Accelerator Levels, and they may purchase it.

In general, they only get to listen to the song clip once, but hard working fans are rewarded with extra listens that they can use when they are on the fence about a song or they need an extra listen to a song clip.


Channel 2:


Mass Exposure (aka Mass Acclaim).

If your song makes it past all levels of the accelerator, it qualifies for Mass Exposure: This is by far the greatest means of generating song sales. This is where stars are created and hit songs of great quality are found and propelled onto the airwaves.


Channel 3:


On the Artist's Bio Page (soon to be launched):

If a song does not rate high enough to clear a level, it exits the Accelerator and enters the Artist's Bio page. On this page, the artist’s loyal fans get to hear a 90 second clip of this song ... a sneak preview of (what is for them) a brand new, unreleased song. If they like the song enough, they may purchase the song.



How the Channels differ:


Channel 1: In the Accelerator, songs and Artists (and music fans) are always anonymous. The listener gets to hear a 90 second clip of mystery music - if they rate it above 70, they get the option to buy the song, but this buy option only exists while the song clip plays. Once the clip plays out the song is gone and so is the option to buy it.


Channel 2: In Mass Exposure, songs and artists are anonymous, at least until they gain so much exposure, it is no longer feasible to maintain this anonymity. However, even when not anonymous, the listener only gets to hear the 90 second song clip.


Channel 3: In the Artist Bio Page (soon to be launched), neither song nor artist is anonymous, but the listener still only gets to hear the 90 second song clip. They can listen to this clip as often as they wish, but, unless the artist provides them with a copy, they must purchase to listen to the complete song.



Dividends apply equally across all Channels:


Users that directly sign up new artists get paid a dividend ... they get paid up to 10% of whatever the artists got paid for every song sale.

So, if they are getting paid a 10% Direct Dividend on all song sales, this applies equally across Channel 1, 2 and 3 above.

Do we demand exclusivity or are artists allowed to have songs on other platforms?

No, we do not demand exclusivity.


You may leave your songs on other platforms and on your own website and still upload these songs to isongU (as long as your label does not own the music copyright that prevents you from uploading to isongU).

You do not have to disclose the platforms on which your songs are located or the parties that represent these songs. You may play these songs live even while they journey up through the accelerator levels.

You are also allowed to be a member of a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) ...such as ASCAP and BMI in the USA.

In the distant future, if we ever do demand exclusivity, it will only be for few days it takes to climb the 20 levels. In this scenario, once a song is no longer in the levels, the exclusivity also ends.


In summary, we demand no exclusivity.



While we do not demand exclusivity, if your songs are on many platforms and are easily accessible, this can hurt your song sales at isongU since your songs are not really a mystery  - people have the option of locating your song elsewhere (with a quick lyric or Shazam search).

How long does it take for a song to clear all 20 Levels …and reach Mass Acclaim?


We estimate that songs will spend, on average, about a month in the Accelerator before exiting either to the Artist Bio page (soon to be launched) or Mass Exposure.



How can fans interact with their anonymous artists?


Ideally, we are talking about an Artist who has, say 70 fans helping him get to Mass Exposure by:

a) Rating songs by other bands and

b) By inviting new artists and new fans.

Yes, there appears to be a disconnect here: Fans are not interacting with their artist in the Accelerator.

Actually, fans can interact with their artist on the Artist Bio Page (soon to be launched) This bio page will contain the artist's biography and tour schedule. And it also contains their music: When a song by the Artist fails in the Accelerator Levels, it enters the Artist Bio page as a new release and fans can go there to listen to this newly released music from their band.  If the artist has a song reach Mass Exposure, this will also get posted to the Artist Bio page.

In other words, every song that the artist uploads to isongU will, sooner or later, end up on the Artist Bio page, including songs that qualify for Mass Exposure. The artist cannot upload songs directly to the Artist Bio page – all songs must go through the Accelerator first.

Artists can upload lyrics, videos and metadata in support of songs... once those songs have entered the Artist Bio Page.

We estimate that songs will spend, on average, about a month in the Accelerator before exiting and then entering the Artist Bio page.

Can I delete my account? Can I delete a song or change the order of my songs in the wait queue?

Accounts can be deleted from your My Accounts page. You can undelete an account for a limited time after it is deleted. This means that you cannot use the same email to re sign up for a time after the account is deleted.

Songs can be placed in a different order and they can be deleted.  Go to Your MP3s tab and then to Upload MP3s. and click 'List Songs Uploaded' button.

To delete a song, select (highlight) the song and click the delete button. You can  undelete a song for a limited time if you inadvertently deleted it. Or you can simply upload the song again.

To move a song, select the song and click the up arrow. You can only step songs up.  To move a song down,  step the song up to the head of the queue, it will move to the bottom of the queue.


Auto deleted Accounts

If all songs are deleted and there is no song in the gaming levels and there are no sales or dividends for a period of 30 months, the account is considered dormant and will be deleted.


Is the Artist Bio Page a version of the Artist’s website?


Note: The Artist Bio page will be added in mid 2017. It will not be present at launch..


The Artist Bio Page won't replace your website:


No, it is not supposed to replace an Artist's website  ... but it does go a long way towards it and covers many of the same elements. You can customize the page to represent the look and feel of your website.

However, it is highly possible that an Artist will have a lot of music on their website that does not appear on isongU. The Artist Bio Page  is more about giving Artist's a presence on isongU.

Artists do, after all, have to sign up 70 active fans if they want to gain maximum exposure. And their Bio page gives these fans a place to go to interface with their isongU artist without leaving the site.

More than that, the Artist Bio Page is where every song goes after it exits the Music Accelerator (whether they song made it to Mass Exposure or dropped out at one of the 20 Levels).

The Artist cannot upload songs directly to their bio page - songs must go through the Accelerator Levels and then enter the Artist Bio Page after exiting the Accelerator.


Artist Bio Page Updates:


Other than this indirect means of getting songs onto their bio page, Artists are directly responsible for updating everything else on the Artist Bio page, including the biography, discography, tour schedule, song videos, song metadata (the lyrics, songwriters, musicians, where it was recorded, what inspired it etc.)

If an Artist does not update their bio page, when somebody buys their song, they don't get to find out about the Artist behind the music. The fan will feel cheated, since buying a song is as much about discovering a new artist as it is about hearing the complete song.


Can I link my website to the Artist Page?


You could add a link to your website ...but that will take them off your Artist Bio Page where fans are supposed to preview new releases and buy songs that they like.

The best practice is to customize your Artist Bio Page so that it looks like you are a active artist and it increases the likelihood that your fans will remain your fans. If you leave the Artist Bio Page blank, it shows a lack of interest and so your fans may likewise lose interest and leave to support another artist.

Where does the huge audience (1,000,000 listens over 24 months) come from?

Mass Exposure is the scalable by-product of the multi-level process.

To climb each level, you must sign-up new artists and new fans and you must rate other artist's songs ...before your song gets rated in return. In other words, you must pay into the platform.

At each level, this means you must rate more songs than the number of times your song gets rated in order to climb the levels.

The effect is additive and exponential -  artist by artist, song after song, level after level,  we generate a huge surplus of extra song reviews and these reviews go to the crème de la crème - The songs in Mass Exposure.

Because the Accelerator levels are so scalable, we project Mass Exposure songs will be rated 1,000,000 times over the first 24 months. Beyond the first 24 months, they will be rated a far greater number of times.



Where do the fans come from to rate (and buy) these songs?


Yes, the Accelerator Levels are very scalable, but there's no point in generating 1,000,000 reviews for a song unless there are 1,000,000 individual listeners there to rate and buy this song.

And that is why each artist (that qualifies for Mass Exposure) must have 70 fans before they receive 24 months and 1,000,000 listens in Mass Exposure.

In other words, if we have 20,000 artists each with 70 fans, that 1.4 million fans which is about enough to meet the 1,000,000 individual listeners we need to make Mass Exposure a reality.


As you can see, if we have 100,000 artists each with70 fans, that equals 7 million listeners ... 7 million reviews for a song in Mass Exposure.  Exposure and sales rise as more artists join the platform.

What is the Minimum / Maximum Exposure at isongU?


Minimum Exposure:


Minimum  exposure that we guarantee an artist that makes it to Mass Exposure is 24 months in the limelight. This is the minimum 'bar' we have set for music artists.

Separately, we estimate this will lead to about 1,000,000 listens and $40,000 in sales in Mass Exposure.



Maximum Exposure:


Again, there is no absolute maximum exposure an artist can receive, neither in terms of listeners/ sales or in term of time in the limelight.


It is not really possible to hazard a guess at some maximum exposure over some time period. That's because (if artists follow the path to exposure via the accelerator) the amount of exposure will grow exponentially month over month.


Does isongU ensure the highest quality music imaginable?


We will never claim 'the highest quality' because quality is in the ears of the beholder. One person's pleasure is another's poison, and that is especially true when it comes to music.


Quality by the Numbers:

  1. As isongU grows and more artist's enter their music, the statistical likelihood is that, with this greater breath of music, we get higher quality songs into our platform.
  2. Secondly, if a song is impartially rated by 10 listeners who all say it is brilliant, that is not a very substantial measure of quality. But if 1 million listeners impartially rate the song and say it is brilliant, statistically, we believe them that much more.

So while we do not claim to be an exact measure of quality, this 'Quality by the Numbers' very likely means that quality rises as isongU grows (becomes more popular and mainstream).

This is very different to how the mainstream normally works - today, popularity is largely synonymous with trash. It is exactly the opposite at isongU.


How does isongU unify musicians?

Without question, musicians have always been the largest and most vital component of the music industry. It has always been something of a mystery why musicians have never had a proper say in the music industry.


Why Musicians are Divided:


The reason musicians have never had a say in the industry because they’ve always been in competition over the limelight.  Because they are constantly competing, they are constantly divided.

This natural divide has allowed labels and others to divide and conquer.


Musicians ...united by Paying it Forward:


isongU essentially uses the same limelight (Mass Exposure) to unite musicians.


By paying it forward:

At isongU, musicians have to rate songs by other musicians ...and in return, other musicians and fans will rate their song.  Musicians cannot journey towards Mass Exposure unless people rate their songs.

So they have no choice but to continuously pay it forward. And by continuously paying it forward, they are continuously (permanently) united.


Mass Exposure is the glue that holds Artists together:


isongU has flipped the limelight whereby it now unites instead of divides.

The larger the number of musicians, the greater becomes Mass Exposure and the stronger the bond between musicians.

This bond is essential because it enables musicians and fans to together decide the future of music, not corporations.

Will isongU release albums + support tours by artists that make it to Mass Exposure?


If the artist is interested in a major release, then we will bend backwards to support the artist. Yes, these are difficult times for album sales, but if the artist has a strong history at isongU (with a number of their songs doing well (coming close to Mass Exposure) certainly strengthens the case for a major release.


Yes, we will support tours by talented artists that make it to Mass Exposure and show themselves capable of delivering a live show.

We would consider releasing albums that are only available to fans that attend the show.

Eventually, we would like to reward super fans with tickets ... and, when they attend shows, they may receive special album releases/ signed copies or VIP backstage passes.

How can a fan sign up Music Artists -if they don’t know any?


OK, so let's say you live in the wilderness and you don't know any artists or fans ...or people in general. How do you sign up Artists and Fans?

Simple, copy your promo-invite link into Tweets and Facebook pasts and proliferate the links on those and other Social Media channels.

Start a Facebook Advertising campaign and target various bands and music fans. Or a Google Adwords campaign. But... make sure to use our invite messages and guidelines and artwork.

Start an email campaign ... post the link (as a click on button) into emails and start mailing... using our invite messages and guidelines and artwork.

Print a QR code of your link and post it with your invite message at music venues and cafes.

PS: Remember, each user has but one promo-invite link that they use to invite both artists and fans.

PSS: Make sure you copy your invite link exactly and in full ...otherwise you will not receive your dividends.

PPPS: If you are at a festival socializing with artists and fans directly, have a QR of your link ready so that they can scan it and sign up to isongU using your link in an instant.

What are Dividends …and how much do they pay?

To understand Dividends, you must understand that there are 4 distinct types of interactions at isongU.

  1. Artists sign up Artists
  2. Fans sign up Artists
  3. Artists sign up fans
  4. Fans sign up fans

Now 1 and 2 above are basically the same thing - a user signs up an artist and starts with a 2% Dividend which can be increased up to 10% based on Signing up Artists & Fans and rating songs (see the chart below for details).

The dividends in 1 & 2 above are called Direct Dividends... because the user directly signed the Artist up.


The Chart Explained:


  1. The dividend increases for signing up of artists & fans and for rating songs are rewarded separately and they do not have to be completed in the sequence shown in the chart. In other words, you do not have to first sign up new artists & fans to then get rewarded for rating songs. In fact, you can increase your dividends by just rating songs without ever signing up artists & fans.
  2. When it comes to signing up artists and fans, the numbers are cumulative. In other words, (looking at the chart below) the initial 2 Artists & 5 fans that you signed up to get to 3% dividends counts towards the 4 Artists and 10 fans you need to get to 3.5% dividends etc.
  3. Furthermore, when signing up artists & fans, the rule is this:

One Artist = Three Fans.

       So in the chart above, where the requirement is 8 Artists and 20   fans, one could have signed up zero artists and 44 fans and met this requirement.



How much can users get paid from Direct Dividends?


Well since we estimated that Artists that achieve Mass Acclaim will earn an estimated $20,000 over the first 24 months after launch (and assuming that, on average, the user that signs up this artist (using their promo-invite link) gets paid an 8% cut (dividend) on every sale. This user will get paid  $1600 over the first 24 months..


Direct Dividends beyond 24 months:


When an Artist has an active fan base, then the Artist will stay in Mass Exposure for a lot longer than 24 months. Yes, we are all about Artist longevity. And also, Direct Dividends will dramatically increase beyond the first 24 months.

We believe that Direct Dividends paid  beyond the 24 months after launch will be 10 times to 100 times greater.

Now, let's say a user (fan or artist) signs up many artists. OK, now if just 3 of those artists succeed in getting songs into Mass Exposure ...then the fan will then likely make a handsome living by the 4th year (and possibly retire) on just recurring dividends that require no further effort.

Yes, once a user signs up an Artist, their work is done... all Dividends are set in stone the very instant the Artist uses your invite link to sign up.

Once a Dividend gets locked in place, it comes very close to 'money for nothing.'



What are Indirect Dividends:


Remember our 4 basic interactions

  1. Artists sign up Artists
  2. Fans sign up Artists
  3. Artists sign up fans
  4. Fans sign up fans

Now let's write them like this:

  1. An Artist signs up an Artist ...who then signs up another Artist.
  2. A Fan signs up an Artist ...who then signs up another Artist.
  3. An Artist signs up a Fan ...who then signs up another Artist.
  4. A Fan signs up a Fan ...who then signs up another Artist.


Those Artists and Fans in the middle of sentence still get paid a Direct Dividend as before... BUT those in bold get paid an Indirect Dividend.

If the user in bold is an Artist, they get paid a set 2.5% Indirect Dividend.

If the user in bold is a Fan, they get paid a set 2.0% Indirect Dividend.


Get paid for signing up artists ...and fans also:


Bottom line, it pays to sign up not just new artists but new fans also.

Indeed, if you invite a few active fans, this will likely earn you far greater (indirect) dividends than the direct dividends you get paid by signing up artists yourself.

NOTE: You will use your same promo-invite link to invite both artists and fans. 

How hard does a music artist have to work to be successful?


We want musicians to work about 5% as hard as they work today in terms of marketing. Artist's today must brand themselves, constantly market  and self-promote themselves. And create a constant stream of content to engage fans. And fund themselves. And create a constant stream of new music to stay relevant.

Ideally, we don’t want the music artist to put any work into self-promotion at isongU at all. We want them to concentrate on their art - their music. 

We don't want musicians to scrape and survive. We want musicians to shoot for the stars: If your song makes it to Mass Exposure, we believe it will gain more acclaim and sales than lifetimes of self-promotion.

The musicians puts all the work in the first 3 to 5 months: After an artist's first 5 songs go through the Levels, they no longer need to sign up new artists or new fans to climb the Levels.

 Besides, once a music artist builds a team of 50 or 100 fans, we will motivate these fans (friends, fans, co-workers and family) with Dividends and great music so that they do all the work for you, their music artist.

  • Fans complete ‘fun’ scoring (of other band’s music) so you, their music artist, can climb the levels towards acclaim.
  • Fans invite new fans and bands to isongU on your (their music artist’s) behalf, so that you don't have to. You earn dividends and more exposure off of their work.

We want musicians primarily doing what they do best; creating music. We want them concentrating on their art. If you consider making music work, then, in this regard, musicians may actually work harder than ever.

Can my fans simply leave and join another band?


While your fans can leave you and join another band/ artist, they have to stay with an artist for 6 months before they get the choice to leave.

We limit their ability to leave on a whim because artists would just become predators, luring fans away at will. The 6 month waiting period limits this activity.

Why can’t artists see how well their songs score after each and every Level?


We do not report song scores until songs reach Level 15 and beyond. The reason for this is because we do not have a big enough sample of scores (50 scores or more) to give an accurate average rating for a song.

If songs drop out of the Accelerator before Level 15 it is because they scored very low and further scoring will not likely appreciably change this. We do report the average score when a song drops out.

When an artist’s song reaches Mass Acclaim, do they start from scratch with their next song?

Let’s say an artist has earned many years in Mass Exposure …and then, finally, one of their songs makes it to Mass Acclaim and cashes in their earned exposure. What happens to their next song entering the levels?

The next song entering the levels is treated as if it’s the 1st song you have entered …if this song makes it to Mass Exposure also, it would get 2 years in Mass Exposure – not as much exposure time as the other song, but still a long time.


Does operate across all browsers and devices?


Yes it does.

There are no isongU mobile apps yet ...however, it is fast and responsive across all devices and screen sizes. Because isongU is interactive, there are quirks between different browsers and devices.

The biggest difference relates to playing music. On desktop devices, you can play songs with a single click of the ‘Play’ button. On mobiles devices, because they prevent Auto-Play of media, there is a 2 click process: You must first ’Select a Song’ to load the song and then press ‘Play’.

On Android Chrome, once in a great while a song will play even though the page is still stuck in load mode – this means no rating slider comes up and you cannot rate the song. We are working to resolve this. For now, if this rare event occurs, you have to abandon this song: Hit the back button and Select a new song.

When I sign up a new Artist, it also counts as a fan. Why?


When you sign up an artist, you will notice that you simultaneously signed up a fan - this is because an artists counts as both. The requirement bar image below shows this:


So it is that when a user creates an Artist account, it is actually just a fan account with artist privileges layered on top . 


Furthermore, when this fan / artist first sets up an Artist PayPal account (into which songs sale revenues are deposited) by default, the dividends that they earn as a fan will deposit into this same bank account. (Song sale revenues and dividends go into the one bank account).

In some cases, such as with a Solo Artist, it is preferable to have song sale revenues and dividends deposited into the same PayPal account. However, if the user (that created the artist account) is a band member, they may not wish to have the dividends that they separately  earned be deposited into their band's PayPal account,

If the user (that originally created the Artist account) wishes to have their dividends deposited into a separate PayPal account, they will need to define a new, separate fan PayPal account (in the My Accounts tab). See image below.

When they do, their dividends will automatically be deposited into this fan PayPal account. Songs sales will continue to be deposited into the band/ artist PayPal account.


Even though PayPal accounts are now separate, nothing else has changed. The user still operates as both a Fan + an Artist. Any songs that they have previously been rated will remain in place.


Do fans get paid? And how?


Why yes, they do.

Every time a fan invites an artist to isongU, they get paid a percentage of the artist's revenues (a dividend) from every song sale, forever.

The dividends are based on the artist's sales, but the monies actually come out of isongU's revenue share (of these song sales). The artist does not get gipped. The artist gets the same share of each song sale (an average of 55 cents which can grow to 80 cents) regardless of dividends.

Songs sell for $1.29 at isongU, with about 25c going on transaction fees.

How do fans get paid?


The fan gets paid up to 10% dividends on song revenues by artists that they sign up ....but they must use their unique promo invite link so that dividend payments are channeled into the correct bank account. And yes, the reviewer must set up a PayPal account (in the My Account tab) to set up direct deposit of dividend payments. This is the only method through which dividends are paid out.


How much do fans get paid?


For every artist (that you signed up) that makes it to Mass Acclaim, we estimate you will earn up to $40,000.








Can a fan join isongU independent of any artist?

No. If a fan joins without an invite link, we pair them with the artist/song that they rate highest (we want them to rate the artist’s song 85/100 or higher before they get paired to the artist).

Later, fans that get paired with artists in this manner can choose a new artist that they’d prefer to be affiliated with.



The reason we don't allow independent fans is because it severely hampers Artists from growing their fans base ... and besides, it democratically gives the most fans to artists with the highest rated songs  (especially since anonymous songs are rated without bias).

Why should fans bother to rate songs?

There are 7 good reasons:

  1. Support Art, Support Artists: An artist friend asks you for help ... they want you to rate songs so that their music can climb towards Mass Exposure.
  2. Fans get paid: Fans are paid between 2% and 10% of all song sales by artists ... artists that they sign up to isongU. Sign a new artist up in seconds and you get a  dividend for life.
  3. Fans increase dividends: A fan will increase their dividend percentage from 2% to a maximum of 10% by signing up new artists and fans ... and by rapidly rating songs (which is fun).
  4. Artist Dividends: The artist (that the fan supports at isongU) gets paid 2.5% of songs sales by every new musician that their fan signs up. A lifetime dividend that the fan gifts to their favorite artist.  But, again, they must rate more songs to secure those dividends for their artist.
  5. Increased Artist Exposure: The artist (that the fan supports at isongU) gets an additional month in mass exposure every time the fan signs up a new musician. But, again, they must rate songs to secure this exposure for their favorite artist.
  6. A fair music world ruled by artists: By rating songs, artists and fans are the new gatekeepers of music. Together they impartially and democratically decide the eclectic future of music, musicianship and songcraft. Every song you rate drives another nail into the formulaic mainstream.
  7. Fast and Fun: A song takes 3 clicks and 30 seconds to rate. It's fun... and most of the time, you'll be rating higher rated songs. Also, as more and more artists join, better songs will enter the pipeline and quality will rise and rise.

The Chart below projects earning over 4 years for a)  A music artist with 1 song  in Mass Acclaim and b) A music fan that has signed up 1 Music Artist that achieved Mass Acclaim.

Are fans not allowed to rate songs by their favorite artists?


When a song is in the Accelerator and you hit the PLAY button, you get a random, mystery song clip from the queue.

At launch, because we have a limited number of songs, we will allow you, by happy co-incidence, to rate your artist’s song. However, a few weeks after launch, we will cut this out: We will not allow you, by random chance, to rate your own artists' song. That would not be fair.


So... how does a fan interact with their favorite artist?


Here's how...

When a song by one's favorite artist scores too low to clear a level, it's journey towards exposure ends. (Yes, I suppose some would call that rejection, but there is nothing stopping the artist from revamping the song and re-submitting).

With their song having exited the accelerator, their fans now see this song as a new release by their favorite artist in the Artists bio page. These fans have sole access to it. They can rate it, leave written reviews and, yes, purchase the song.

The artist is also kept honest by this interaction - if the artist chooses to enter the same song over and over, the artist's fans will not be happy and they will likely leave to support another music artist.


What if artists & fans rate songs dishonestly?

An artist (or their fans) that, time after time, gives songs by other musicians low scores (compared to the statistical average) under the mistaken impression that it increases their odds of reaching Mass Acclaim while be heavily penalized.  

The same goes if, time after time, an artists & fans give outlier scores. This behavior is easy to identify and it likewise will be heavily penalized.

If an artist or fan somehow automates the scoring process (so that all scores are between say 40 and 60), this is also easily detected and again will result in severe penalties.


Also, if a fan persists with the aforementioned behavior, they will be given lower dividends, they may lose their dividends, they may be suspended from inviting new bands, their band may lose their associated dividends, their band may lose the time they earned in Mass Exposure (the time they gained along with dividends) and, ultimately, the reviewer may be suspended from isongU, perhaps at the request of their band.

In summary, the penalties are severe and long lasting. Honesty is the best policy. Trying to game the system has zero benefit and many downsides.

Zero Benefit:

The window to Mass Exposure is mathematically the same for all artists. If an artist (or the artist's fans) low balls other musicians, it does not open the window for them: Quite the opposite.


The Downside:

In fact, with repeated indiscretions, the window to Mass Exposure will be hard shut.

This should not be a source of worry - as long as you and your fans rate songs honestly, there is nothing to fear. You will not incur such penalties through bad luck or happenstance.

How come does not look like a typical music site, with pictures of music artists etc?

Because we're not your typical music website: We are a mathematical means of climbing to mass acclaim & mass sales. Because artists are anonymous we cannot post artist images. Although the artist themselves can post images, videos etc on the Artist Profile page, this is only accessible to their fans and not to the main website.


How do we unify Artists and Fans?

Unifying the artist and fan relates to the way artists and fans reward each other and by doing so, join forces.

For instance, let's say:

  • Artist A signs up Fan 1
  • Fan 1 then signs up New Artist B.
  • Fan 1 gets up to 10% of Artist B song sales.
  • Artist A gets 2% of Artist B's sales.
  • Artist A  gets 2 additional weeks in the limelight.

As you can see, Fan 1 has done a heap of good favors for Artist A all while helping him/herself to a hefty dividend. This creates a growing bond between the Artist and the Fan.

Also, all of the good news events above get posted to Social Media and since they mean a lot to both artist and fan, this furthers the bond between them.



isongU vs. Streaming:


What we have done is put Artists and Fans on the same side, whereby they are going to bat for each other and a relationship forms. This is precisely the opposite to Streaming, where most fans want free music while Artists want to get paid - this effectively divorces the artist from the fan. There is no relationship, they are just bitter rivals.

How to maximize Direct Dividends?


Direct Dividends:


To understand Dividends, you must understand that there are 4 distinct types of interactions at isongU.

  1. Artists sign up Artists
  2. Fans sign up Artists

Now 1 and 2 above are basically the same thing - a user signs up an artist and can increase their Direct Dividends up to 10% by climbing all 20 Levels of the Accumulator. To climb levels, fans must sign up Artists & Fans and rate songs (see the chart below for details).

The dividends in 1 & 2 above are called Direct Dividends... because the user directly signed the Artist up.


You will use your same promo-invite link to invite both artists and fans. 


How much can fans get paid from Direct Dividends?


The Accumulator displays the estimated earnings.

The chart below shows the estimated earnings for the Music Artist versus the Music Fan over 48 months (yes, a hardworking artist will typically earn 48 months of time in Mass Exposure ...and possibly much more. We believe in artist longevity).


Yes, once a user signs up an Artist, their work is done... all Dividends are set in stone the very instant the Artist uses your Promo invite link to sign up.

Once a Dividend gets locked in place, it comes very close to 'money for nothing.'

How can a fan join a Music Artist?

If a music fan joins isongU using a music artist's promo invite link, then they are affiliated with that music artist.

This means that, when this music fan signs up a new band, not only will the fan get a percentage of the new band's song sales, their affiliated music artist will get paid 2% of the new band's song sales. The affiliated artist will also get 21 more days in Mass Acclaim by virtue of you (their fan) signing up this new band.

However, if you did not sign up using a music artist's invite link, you are not affiliated with any artist. You are an independent fan.

The only way (right now) for an independent fan to become affiliated with a music artist is ...if you love a song enough to buy it, we presume there's a good chance you will love the artist behind the song also. So, in your downloads page next to downloaded songs, there is a button that allows you to affiliate (and support) the artist.

In the near future, we will allow you to search for an artist and view their bio page, but neither the search function or artist bio pages are in place right now.

When I choose to listen to a style of music (say easy listening), I occasionally get a different style. Why?

Because we temporarily ran out of your kind of music. We do our best to send you the type of music you like but sometimes we have too much of hardcore or too much easy listening music and we cannot meet your needs.


Is isongU just another corporate player in the music scene?


No, isongU plays zero part in choosing which music makes it through to Mass Exposure. Musicians and fans govern all music on isongU.


The Wisdom of Crowds:


Musicians and fans impartially and democratically determines the future of music ...they decide the best songs; isongU just provides a constant, impartial review platform (that just happens to generate Mass Exposure).

isongU aims to show fairness right across the board. With a fair pathway to Mass Exposure in place, the community self-determines the future of their music industry.


All Genres are Equal:


We do not favor genres - if some genres appear to gain more clout, the crowd (as individuals) has favored those genres without bias.

All genres are welcome, we hope and we expect this will lead to all kinds of left field music explorations qualifying for Mass Exposure. After all, music is all about free expression and experimentation. It is not about constraining musicians within certain genres or within a corporate-driven formulaic sound.


Are all Genres Equal?


All Genres are Equal:


We do not favor genres - if some genres appear to gain more clout, the crowd (as individuals) has favored those genres without bias.

All genres are welcome, we hope and we expect this will lead to all kinds of left field music explorations qualifying for Mass Exposure. After all, music is all about free expression and experimentation. It is not about constraining musicians within certain genres or within a corporate-driven formulaic sound.

How do we protect user’s banking information?


How do we protect your data:


At isongU, we have a green bar (EV SSL) encrypted transactions which is the absolute highest level of encryption for merchant transactions. In addition, transactions typically take microseconds and the transaction link immediately disappears after the transaction, limiting exposure to possible hackers.

In addition, isongU takes further steps to protect your bank account (as well as emails & passwords)  information with further layers of encryption to thwart hackers.

Our privacy policy and advanced security is covered in greater detail in our Privacy Policy Section.


How do we protect user privacy?


No Data Exploitation:


With regard to privacy, isongU has absolutely no interest in exploiting metadata. This follows our zero tolerance for adverts -which we believe contaminate music.

Our interest is in the democratic promotion of crowd powered music and that is all.

Of course there are also sensitive banking details that must be protected behind firewalls as well as encryption both within our website and on all data transfers.

Our privacy policy and advanced security is covered in greater detail in our Privacy Policy Section.

Is isongU a pyramid scheme of sorts?


Heavens No!

It's the inverse of a Pyramid Scheme.

A pyramid scheme is permanently biased towards early adopters, with little or no benefit to later adopters. isongU’s proprietary ‘levels that lead to mass exposure’ technology is unbiased. The rules are the same for everyone.

Moreover, the odds of gaining mass exposure remain relatively constant, whether we have 10,000 songs or 10 million songs entering our levels, but the amount of exposure increases exponentially.

Therefore, the benefit to later adopters is far greater than the benefit to early adopters. This is precisely the opposite of a pyramid scheme.

What tactics are employed to lessen music piracy?


  1. To keep songs from being easily pirated, we keeps songs anonymous (no artist name, no song name etc.) for as long as possible, even when songs enter Mass Exposure.
  2. Songs are watermarked so that we can determine the exact source of the leak.
  3. We will ask a security question when you try to navigate to your purchased song download page - This helps prevent a roommate or family member getting in to an account and promptly leaking all your songs (no longer anonymous) onto a piracy site!
  4. We will flood the internet with song clips of songs in Mass Exposure that masquerade as full length songs but are the same 90 second clip available on the website. We will also give these songs various names to make piracy a minefield.


A culture of Fair Compensation:


Ultimately, we hope that people will embrace the concept that fans (and musicians) get to decide the future of music at isongU, and that they will take it a step further and insist upon the fair compensation of music artists.

We also believe in the education of young consumers; the simple message being that the theft of music is criminal behavior. Yes, we understand it’s incredibly hard to say no when a friend offers you a flash drive with 30,000 songs (been there, and really struggled to say no). We’re not above temptation. At isongU, we are no angels either.

Does isongU favor big name artists?

Certainly not. We go out of our way not to favor today’s big name artists.

All artists remain anonymous, so fame or image doesn’t enter the picture, so to speak.

Let’s assume a big name artist can somehow get the blessing of their record label to enter songs (for which the artist owns the rights) to isongU. Even if that big name artist has 1 million fans, the maximum Mass Exposure they can achieve with all those fans is only about 10% greater than what a band with 120 active ‘friends/family/fans’ reviewers will achieve. Plus, the millionaire music artist will have to succeed past all levels, just the same as the starving music artist. The rules are the same for all comers.

And even for those that make it to Mass Exposure with one song ... they have t start from scratch with their next song, same as everyone else.

So, can any music artist from anywhere gain Mass Acclaim?

Yes. Anyone, from any nation, any culture is welcome at isongU. Everyone, pretty or not, outrageous or shy, has, at the moment they upload a song (all songs being equal), the same chance of success as everyone else.

At the point of entry, all artists and all songs are equal.

Our goal is to have no bias right across the board: A democratically fair, equal opportunity music industry, wherein all men and women (from every walk of life) are absolute equals.

That said, we are primarily an English Language medium, so while songs from other languages are welcome, there may be a natural language bias against them.

We will soon launch in other major languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, French etc.

Can artists resubmit rejected songs?


We insist that rejected songs be revamped before being resubmitted... we want a process of iterative improvement.

However, while we will penalize Artists that repeatedly resubmit the same (or almost the same) song, over and over, by and large, we will leave it up to the Artist's discretion.

The artist would be foolish to submit the same song over and over, however, because, the same song will appear over and over in their Artist Bio page . In the Artist Bio Section, your registered fans may get peeved upon seeing the exact same ‘brand new release’ over and over.

Indeed, they will eventually have the option of checking a box titled “We’ve heard this exact same song before. Give us new music!” Every time this box gets checked, it costs the artist time in Mass Exposure. Also, you will need to keep fans on your side since there will be other bands canvasing for fans.

If an artist revamps a song that they previously entered, they should take care to revamp it enough so that their fans perceive it as something new.

If the song made it to Level 18, 19 or 20, the song is automatically re-submitted by isongU up to 3 times maximum. They will not appear 3 times in the Preview Section, however.

In the future, if the artist’s song did not make it to at least Level 18, isongU may takes steps to prevent the artist submitting the exact same song again (using audio fingerprinting and other technologies). At a minimum, the song would have to be revamped (enough to alter its audio fingerprint) whereby it can then be re-entered as a new song.

Can I run an email campaign to distribute my sign-up link (promo-link) to a wide number of people?

Users must not proliferate their links to email addresses that have not opted in. This can result in isongU being blacklisted . Users that repeatedly adopt 'spray and pray' untargeted email marketing may lose exposure time, dividends or both.. greatly prefers users to use Facebook or Adword targeted marketing, where blacklisting does not become an issue.

Why do we insist on fairness?

We think it fair to say that fairness is the last word you could use to describe the current music industry. But isongU is not today’s music industry; it’s a music industry run by musicians and fans. isongU has to treat musicians fairly, or else the musicians & fans will lose collective trust in isongU. When it comes to the power of crowds, fairness must come first.

Bottom line, we believe musicians really just want a fair, unbiased shot at stardom. No bling, no fashion, no sexism; it comes down to anonymous, bare bones music. Is your bare bones song good enough?

How do we support artist longevity?


Unfortunately, we believe that today is all about the instant hit …artists are not nurtured and supported. They are fast tracked into obscurity

Artists can achieve longevity by remaining in Mass Exposure for years. How long they stay in Mass Exposure is up to the artist and their fans. If they write a brilliant song that gets rave ratings, they will spend a great deal of time in Mass Exposure. More time means more exposure and more song sales.

If they and their fans bring other artists to isongU we reward the artist with more time in Mass Exposure. And of course they and their fans also earn dividends with every artist they bring to isongU.

isongU wants brilliant artists to enjoy long lasting success. In other words, more like Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark side of the moon’ decade long success and less like today’s instant hit turns instantly forgotten folly.


Ultimate Longevity:


isongU is all about giving musicians control over their music world - and once they take a viral hold over a fair, incorruptible music industry, their is no going back to the old ways. Musicians are in charge forever.

Is isongU a crowdsourced A&R company?


Yes, we are, but crowdsourced A&R is only the first part of what we do.

Crowdsourced A&R is our impartial filter – our means of sifting out the rare gems. And yes, what is rare is valuable … but it is only valuable if people know about it. And that is the second part of what does: Mass Exposure of those rare gems.

Why did you choose the name ‘isongU’ ?

The 'i' represents the Music Artist.

The 'U' represents the Music Fan.

And the 'song' is the thing that unites the two of them.

Also,  replace the word 'song' with the word 'love' and you get 'i love U'  ...which ties into the concept of uniting artists and fans.

Lastly, isongU is a little bit like 'music speed dating' between random anonymous artists and random anonymous fans wherein music is the uniting medium. So, on the logo, the curved line that arcs back and forth between 'i' and 'U' represents this constant loop of 'music speed dating' between these artists and fans.


Explain the saturation of Social Media with ‘Authentic’ posts?


The 'Saturation of Social Media with meaningful posts' will soon be launched.

What do we mean by Saturation of Social Media?


A lot of events take place at isongU. Songs are uploaded, levels are cleared, songs get to Mass Exposure, musicians invite new fans, fans invite new bands, fans get dividends when they successfully invite bands, artists get dividends also when they directly invite bands and when their fans do, Artists also gain 2 weeks in Mass Exposure every time they or their reviewers invite a new band.

It’s an event laden process, but these events have real tangible meaning to both artists and fans. Even though we automatically post these events onto social media (Facebook, Twitter.), they carry a distinct air of authenticity. Because these posts carry meaning, the odds are favorable that musicians and fans will respond to posts.

These posts automatically promote bands (as well as isongU) across social media. This removes the need for bands to work as hard on social media promotion –we take care of this for bands as well as fans. Again, we just want bands doing what they love; making music.