Can Musicians and Fans be forever united?



Musicians have always been largely ignored and downtrodden:

To our mind, musicians have always been the largest and most vital component of the music industry.

Yet, musicians have never had a say in the industry because they’ve always competed over gigs, deals & listeners. Because they are always in competition, they are always largely divided. And labels have been able to divide and conquer.



Unity …it ain’t easy:


Ah, it’s so simple to say ‘we should all unite’. The trouble is, it is so difficult to keep a crowd united for very long. The Occupy Wall Street remained united for many months but the movement is now a mere footnote in history.

There has to be a device that keeps getting people to come back to the table. A moth to the flame. A viral means to repeatedly lure them into unity.


Some Great Reward:


The first step is to create a lure. There must be a reward.

At isongU, if an artist’s song is good enough to clear 20 unbiased filters, their song will gain mass exposure …500,000+ reviews generating song sales. This is the lure. This exposure is what musicians crave. And because the filters are impartial, all artists have equal opportunity of gaining Mass Exposure.


Pay it Forward:


So, a large listening audience (Mass Exposure) is what individual music artists want. This is the lure, the Holy Grail.

To get to the Grail, an artist’s song must journey past all 20 filters. However, there’s a toll at each filter: Musicians must give reviews to other bands before receiving reviews for their song in return. If they do not give reviews, their song never moves.

So artists must give reviews first and then get reviews in return. Pay it forward. This constant giving of reviews effectively & repeatedly unites musicians, filter after filter after filter: An endless pay it forward loop.


Can musicians be permanently united so that they control the music industry?


The answer is yes. The lure of Mass Exposure is the glue that permanently bonds isongU’s music community together.  Musicians (and fans) together permanently decide the future of music, not corporate officers. Not Wall Street profiteers.


How do we bring fans into the community?


The Solution

Fans are the hard part. Musicians are endlessly motivated by the need for an audience. In turn, the audience is often motivated by free music. We had all hoped that the internet would bring musicians & fans together like this Oatmeal cartoon depicts. But no.

Thanks to Streaming, fans and artists are diabolically opposed …a recipe that has brought a Starving Artist Crisis upon us.


Fans must also Pay it Forward:


To get fans to also unite, we must lure them also.

To lure fans, we give them the option of inviting artists to And every song the invited artists ever sells at isongU, the fan that invited them gets paid a 6% to 8% cut. Of every song sold. Forever.

This may not seem like much, but with Mass Exposure of songs, song sales can grow virally. A 6% to 8% cut of each song sold therefore becomes a very, very big deal.

We need fans to listen to & buy music of course. Fans must complete a number of reviews of songs before they receive a link to invite a new artist. They must pay reviews forward before they can invite artists. This repeatedly unites fans so that they repeatedly return to listen to artists music: Like this altered Oatmeal cartoon depicts:


The real Solution

An essential part of all this is that musicians and fans must feel that they are part of a great, unbiased music movement, wherein the truly great songs always gain exposure. No bling, no butts and no Auto Tuned pop stars. Musicians and fans must feel that they together control and propel a great renaissance of new music.

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