Hyper-motivation of Artists …and Fans

“The desperation of starving music artists must be matched by a desperation among music fans”


Musicians would love the future of music to be direct artist to fan engagement like so:


Unfortunately, the internet is such a sprawling, overcrowded mess (complete with heapings of awful music) that artist to fan engagements are uneven to say the least. They are all too rare.

On the last post ‘How the Power of Crowds can fix the gridlock of music’ we discussed how:

1) Only crowds (musicians & fans) have the numbers to sift through the deluge of new music to (impartially) pinpoint the best songs.

2) These same musicians & fans have the numbers to Mass Expose these pinpoint best songs  (Our proprietary isongU filters generate this mass exposure).

In other words, we want the solution to be direct artist to fan engagement, but in a highly structured, uncluttered way, in which direct artist to fan engagement occurs for high quality music in a viral, compulsive way like so:


Of course, for this to repeatedly happen, there has to be more or less equal motivation from both artists and fans.



The motivation of musicians all comes down to the mathematical certainty of Mass Exposure: 500,000+ listeners for the best songs, generating song sales. We believe that when this level of exposure becomes a reality, it will be more than enough motivation for many starving artists. When the penny drops, it will become hyper-motivation.



To get constant fan to artist engagement at isongU, we need fans constantly completing impartial reviews of artist’s new music.

The initial motivation must be because a music artist begs friends, family, fans and co-workers to please complete a couple of reviews so that their song can progress through the filters toward Mass Exposure. Yes, reviews are fast and fun: 3 clicks in 30 seconds and it’s done. This is the kind of thing you can do while waiting in line for a coffee. But we also know that helping out a music artist or band by completing reviews can quickly get old, no matter how conveniently fun the reviews are.

So, how do we gain Hyper-Motivated music fans? Well, lets say a friend completes a review for a band, just to appease the band. Upon completing a 3 click, 30 second review, they will receive this message:

‘Here’s a link that you can used to invite a new music artist to isongU. If they join isongU by clicking the link, you get 8% of the monies this artist will ever earn in mass exposure at isongU.’

True, at the outset, the monies generated via song sales for songs in Mass Exposure (500,000+ listeners) will be modest enough. But, keep in mind that this level of exposure is based on a few thousand artists. If isongU can attract 50,000 artists (each bringing their own team of reviewers to isongU), our filter scalability & social scalability (not to mention increased efficiency) means Mass Exposure will grow to about 10 million listeners for each song in Mass Exposure. Enough to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for winning songs.

As more artists join isongU (bringing teams of reviewers/ fans with them) it drives up Mass Exposure & song sales, which draws in more artists, more fans, driving up Mass Exposure and on and on it goes. This is an inherently viral loop …a subject that will need a post all it’s own.

However, the point of this post is to show that an 8% royalty on a band’s (forever) earnings in Mass Exposure can become a sizable income. Every time a fan completes 3 or 4 reviews, they get another link to invite another band. A reviewer can complete 80 reviews in a hour …therefore they can get send out hundreds of invites and build a roster of hundreds of music artists, with an 8% royalty on everything each artist ever makes in Mass Exposure. They could make a comfortable living on these repeat royalties. Welcome to the hyper-motivation of fans.  



Oh … and every time a fan get’s an 8% royalty, their affiliated music artist gets a 2% royalty of everything each newly invited artist ever earns in Mass Exposure.

Let’s say a band has 10,000 hyper-motivated fans, each fan averaging say 10 artists to isongU. That’s one hundred thousand 2% royalties for the band …albeit only 200 of these bands will likely make it to Mass Exposure and actually earn them a 2% royalty. But, if as we expect Mass Exposure exponentially rises with time, this has huge potential to make a handsome living for a band. The kind of potential that can allow a band go on tour, buy equipment, stay in hotels , buy health insurance and maybe even live and eat like real human beings …all before they ever sell a song at isongU.

In short, with enough 2% royalties, bands have the potential to do what they love without starving. PS: All royalty payments come out of isongU’s slice of the pie. The invited artist do not lose earnings.

PPS: An artist can also invite new bands and get an 8% royalty. Every time their team of reviewers complete 300 reviews, they get an invite link they can use to bring in new bands.

PPPS: During prelaunch, fans can invite artists using their unique invite links all they want. After launch, they have to complete reviews to earn these links (to invite artists).

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