The future of music begins with fairness



“Every 2 days, the world creates as much content as we did from the beginning of time up until 2003.” ~ Eric Schmidt, Google CEO in 2010



Do we create too much content? Does the world need a filter?

Music is also considered content these days …highly marketable content. Yes, music is a particularly viral form of content that big tech needs in the worst way to fuel their platforms. Art is made to be bludgeoned by adverts.

True, music is much harder to create than a mere Tweet, so while there is a flood of new music out there, the real deluge has yet to come. The tools of music creation are becoming ever easier. Soon, every digital native will have a bevy of songs they’ve mashed up in minutes and instantly shared.

Even now, there are already too many songs. In the year 2000, there were only about 6 million songs in all existence. YouTube currently contains over 2 Billion songs.  Who knows, in the next five years, artists may be creating 1 Billion songs every month.  And every song that enters the pile devalues the currency of music ever further.

Q:   What’s lower than $0.00?

A:   Paying people to listen to your songs. The precedent has been set: Music Artists already ‘Pay for Play’ when they want to book a gig.


At isongU, we believe that the music discovery highway has already become a parking lot …even modest websites are clogged with tens of millions of songs.

All artists being equal, the odds of discovery are 1 in   …insert your 8 digit number here. Of course all artists are not equal. Music discovery platforms are dominated by the stars. The star 5% get 80% of the pie. Therefore, the obscure artist’s odds of discovery are 1 in …insert you 9 digit number here.

Again, the main source of today’s music industry crisis is the gross oversupply of music. So, what is the solution to this unending mess?



Not only do we need to clear the gridlocked highway, the resultant open highway simply must be fair. All songs being equal; artists (from the obscure to the rock star) must have the same equal opportunity of gaining stardom. For that to happen, it must come down to the bare-naked music. No bias, no hype, no beauty, no bling, no butts, no rants, no fashion, no street cred, no controversy, no thanks. Just the original, bare-naked music and a level playing field if you please.


A big mess demands a big solution:

At isongU, we believe that the only thing big enough in number to clear the clogged mess of music is the music community itself …musicians with help from friends & fans.

Built upon this principle, is a music accelerator that forms an impartial pathway to stardom. Using our proprietary 20 Levels, this crowd (artists + fans) can not only clear the highway (filtering out lesser songs, impartially pinpointing the best songs) …these 20 Levels also act as collection points, collecting the reviews that generate Mass Exposure for these pinpoint best songs.

It’s not just about creating a fair pathway to stardom. The platform must be free -absolutely no fees. Artists must also be fairly compensated. We will pay artists 40% to 70% of the retail price of songs. They are paid transparently. And musicians must keep all copyrights.

We believe artists & fans will become the united gatekeepers & powerbrokers of their own eclectic music industry. An unbiased pathway in which they collectively and individually decide their own fate. A fair music world ruled by musicians.



That’s right ruled by musicians – not Disney or WallStreet or isongU for that matter. isongU has absolutely no say in who becomes a star… we just create a fair path and the music community use that path to collectively determine the future direction of music.  Music belongs to the people -not superficial, hit driven corporations and certainly not profit driven Wall Street.

We will launch our accelerator in September, 2016.

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